32nd Annual Charleston Conference Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition

Valerie Bross

UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center
Head of the Continuing Resources Cataloging Section
Valerie Bross, is head of the continuing resources cataloging section at the UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center. She is a past NASIG speaker and in 2012, she received the Ulrich’s Serials Librarianship Award from the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS). Her exceptional and distinguished contributions to the field of serials librarianship have included a consistent and wide-ranging role in the development and testing of cataloging standards, including influential work on no fewer than 13 PCC/CONSER task forces. She was cited for her prominent leadership in the cooperative cataloging community, not only as representative of her own institution on the CONSER Operations Committee and as member and frequent chair or co-chair of its working groups, but also as first coordinator of the highly successful University of California CONSER Funnel Project, which extended training and widened opportunity for participation among the campuses that had not been independent members of CONSER. This model provided a template for the subsequent development of a geographically dispersed CONSER Funnel program among member libraries of ATLA (the American Theological Libraries Association). Bross has shown exceptional leadership in the field of cataloger training, providing guidance, support, content and testing for much wider use of online tools and webinars for serials cataloger training and continuing education. She co-chaired (with Jennifer Young of Northwestern) the ALCTS-CRCC-sponsored RDA Testing Task Force, expanding the number of partners with serials expertise involved in testing the new cataloging code.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, November 8